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Kevin and I met on the one and only...!

I ran across Kevin's picture online and after reading his profile I thought, "WOW... not only is he the most handsome man I've laid eyes on, but he really seems to be the real deal, not just some player out to get attention, but a real man AND he has a motorcycle... BONUS!" However, I was too afraid to say anything to him because I saw that the age group he selected for his "potential mate" was in a bit of a higher age group than I fit into. So, I logged off without saying a word. A few days later, I went back online just to look at his picture, but again, I said nothing and logged off. Well, what I didn't know is that he was able to see that I had viewed him, not once, but twice! A day or so later, I logged onto my profile and saw that I had a message in my "in box" and it was from HIM!!! OMGosh... my heart was racing as I opened the message and it read something like this...

 "Hey there! I saw your profile... you tell it like it is and I like that!"...

I thought, "Really... that's all he had to say? How was I supposed to respond to that? LOL... But, that's my Kevin... the slick, cool, calm and collected man that he is.  So, of course I figured out a way to respond to him, and it was a "MATCH" from that moment on.




After emailing back and forth, then eventually exchanging numbers and talking on the phone, we decided to meet for the first time.  I remember the butterflies and excitement I felt getting ready for this date, but I was also very nervous.  As I was driving to our meeting destination, I couldn't stop looking in the mirror to ensure my make-up and hair was just perfect.  When I arrived at our meeting destination - I pulled up next to his truck and there he was, greeting me with the most gorgeous smile I'd ever seen. Oh boy, that's when the butterflies really started fluttering! I knew fun times were ahead. He took me out to dinner (I was too nervous to eat, but a cocktail sounded REALLY good, just to relax a little) then he took me to see his motorcycle (yeah, he knew what he was doing) for now I was in Harley heaven! Later we decided to do a little dancing, and as we danced, I could tell that he wanted to kiss me, but I wouldn't let him, for it was our first date! Trust me, I wanted to kiss him as well, but I didn't want to come off as being too "easy."  Okay...okay, so several hours later and several close kissing encounters, the smell of his cologne, the way he looked at me, the way his gentle hands touched me... I finally gave into that kiss and, folks - that's when the fireworks exploded! Just then, I knew I wanted to get to know this man, which is why we haven't been apart for more than 3 days since that warm sunny day! We've become lovers, partners, and the best of friends and now we're ready to take that big step and commit to each other for life.

Kevin and I decided that a relaxed wedding and fun reception is what we want. We just want to keep it simple and fun! So please, come as you are! We do not require our guests to wear anything formal - just comfortable. We will have our ceremony and reception at the same venue, therefore our guests will not have to drive from one place to the next.  The ceremony will be at 4:00pm, dinner will be served around 5-5:15pm and then the dancing will begin.

Note: Beer, wine and champagne is on us from the minute you walk in the door. Yes, you can drink during the ceremony, if you'd like! :)


We are both so happy and feel very blessed to be able to share our day with you.
Many years from now when we look back upon our life, love and our day, we will remember that it was not the flowers, the music, nor the food that made our day so special - it will be the memories of you, our family and  friends helping to celebrate the beginning of our lives as husband and wife that we will cherish most. Having you there for our celebration will make our wedding truly wonderful and we thank you for sharing in one of our happiest occasions.

With love,

Carri and Kevin